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White Rabbit Jubensha

In the social game of Jubensha, you'll be immersed in a captivating mystery where every player has a secret to be revealed.  Embrace your character, unravel clues, and uncover hidden truths.

A Global Sensation

Play the murder mystery phenomenon that’s conquered China and is now going global.

Play Together

Bring friends or make new friends. Together you will solve an intriguing murder.


Still don’t get it? Imagine a DnD game in an escape room with a mystery to solve.

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We're launching immersive experiences in cities worldwide, with new locations rolling out regularly. Want to know when the rabbit hole opens near you?

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Our Games


The Surrealist Ball

The Surrealist Ball is the quintessential Jubensha experience; it's an evening where the boundaries of reality and fantasy blur, a night shrouded in secrecy and filled with enigma. Your invitation arrives, not as a simple card, but as a complex puzzle that beckons you to unlock its secrets—a foretaste of the intrigue that lies ahead. As you are plunged into this enthralling Jubensha adventure, amidst a spectacle of bizarre costumes and perplexing performances, you'll find that every clue, artwork, and whispered exchange is key to unlocking the mystery, turning the entire evening into an interactive journey that challenges your perceptions and draws you into the essence of the surreal.

Players: 6

Duration: 3 Hours 

Available: Online or IRL 


Genre: PVE, Fantasy, Mystery, Surreal 

Rated: R

  • What is Jubensha
    Jubensha, which means “scripted murder,” is an immersive, interactive experience that blends elements of live-action role-playing, puzzle-solving, and narrative exploration. Jubensha is a game that requires participation in an adventure where the lines between reality and fiction blur, inviting attendees into a world where they actively contribute to the unfolding story. Imagine stepping into a setting where every detail, from the environment to the characters you interact with, is part of a larger story you're living, not just observing. In a Jubensha experience, you might find yourself playing a table-top game or immersed in a live-action role-playing experience, decoding cryptic messages, dressing up in elaborate costumes, and engaging in complex scripted narratives that require you to solve puzzles, interact with other participants in character, and make choices that influence the story's outcome. It's a form of entertainment that's deeply engaging and personal, as you're not just a spectator but a key player in how the story progresses. This type of experience can be particularly appealing to those who enjoy role-playing games, theater, escape rooms, or immersive art installations. It emphasizes creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration among participants, offering a unique and memorable way to experience storytelling beyond traditional media. While the term "Jubensha" itself might not be widely recognized, the concept of immersive, interactive storytelling it represents is a growing trend in entertainment, offering new and exciting ways to experience narratives.
  • How is Jubensha different?
    Jubensha games are more immersive than a typical murder mystery role playing game. There are clues, secrets, and puzzles but the games are notably fun because you need to become your character. Whether it's lying, keeping secrets, or just straight up deception, your ability to 'become' your character is critical to Jubensha game play.
  • I like table top role playing, will I like Jubensha?
    Yes. Jubensha takes immersion to the next level. Think of it as a step closer to 'real life'. If you like TTRPG, you'll love Jubensha.
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